Thursday, October 18, 2007

on to the Hollydaze.......

As you can see I am fooling around trying to create changes in my blog..Trial and Error!! But this is how we learn and I decided to be more daring.
The new picture in my title is little Fairy Foo Foo. she has long gone to a new home but I still love her face and decided she represented the heart of my peoples look. I may have to resize the thing to get the look I want but not for awhile.

Halloween and vine is past and I have to get on with the project at hand...Hollydaze, our Christmas, Holiday show is happening here in Petaluma on the 10th of November . I need an inventory but my hardest job is to decide what to make as I have soooo many ideas...

I am working on reindeer and snowmen.. also dogs in drag and girlie santa's (named santa barbara, santa maria, and santa rosa name a few...

Friday, October 12, 2007

halloween and vine part 3

October 12th, 2oo7

halloween and vine part 3
More pictures of the artists that made H & V such a hit!

My friend Ronnie found me this wonderful spinner.I can load it up, the peoples hang straight and apart, and customers can spin it around and around.

closeup of my peoples nestled together.

Nicole Bown and her wonderful creatures.

Her business is called Necessary Excess(a really wonderful name)
and her people are my favorites.I need to post a shot of the one I got from her, I LOVE IT!

Nicol Sayre and her wonderful husband at her table.It was
empty in minutes.....!

Nancy Aldabe of Nancy's Metal Art came from Sacramento, CA and did her best show ever. She has been with us from almost the begining.

Laurie Meseroll of Mudcakes. Her paintings are wonderful. She also did terriffic.

Jack Roads (I always thought we should have called our show
"Jack Roads and others" after he joined us a few years ago)
He always sells out because he does very few if any shows
besides H & V. People come from everywhere to get a chance
to get one of his pieces.

Johanna Parker (The featured artist in Better Homes and Gardens Special
interest magazine series"Halloween
2oo7" )Her table was mobbed and when the dust settled it was empty. She brought lots of stuff too!

Ginny of Trout Creek sets up her table...

Ginny's happpy Pumpkin Guy.. .........
.............she sold out too!!

This handsome fellow belongs to Crystal from Gothic Rose Antiques Placerville, CA.
can you imagine driving down highway 80 and glacing over to see him riding in the passenger's seat. She told me she gets lots of strange looks.

this is Crystal's table..She has the most amazing collection of spooky, dark and beautiful things. Amazing jewelry too!!

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Halloween and vine part 2

October 10th 2oo7

As you may know, Halloween and Vine is a juried show. This year we had 3o artists participating.. This was the finest show we have ever done..The artists outdid themselves.
Here are some of our newest people and their fabulous tables.

Arbutus Hunter and her husband

She takes old odds and ends and antiques,paints and decorates them as only she can . The results are wonderful.

Greg Gudel and his famous woodcarvings....

Greg's pieces were truly astounding and he is such a nice guy.

Magda Trzaski from Ontario, Canada.

Madga was the featured artist in MaryEngelbreit's Home Companion for Oct/Nov.2007.

What a warm and delightful person she is .I was so happy to meet her...

PaperDolls ..owned by Kerri Judd, Danyel Montecinos, and Darren Calkin.
They make luscious crowns and all kinds of beautiful paper art.. They had their new book there to sell also.

Gabrielle Acevedo did her wonderful beaded art and jewelry. she was overjoyed at the response she got at the show.

Charles Hall and his friends and helpers . Charles' ladies are tall and elegant and eerie.They were so beautiful and I think they all sold quite early.

more Halloween and Vine pictures to come..................

Saturday, October 6, 2007

October o6th,2007

Halloween & Vine 2007 I created a blog starting today to post all my great pictures of Halloween and Vine ..It happened in Petaluma this past weekend September 29th at HermannSons Hall..Over 950 people attended. the turnout was amazing..!!! It was our biggest and really best show ever...
the line was 220 or more when the doors opened
at 9:am
Jen from EarthAngels counts down to 9:am opening

Lizzie Betourne decorated the entry to the hilt!

Rucus Studio sold out really early!

Nicol Sayer also sold out in a few minutes

this picture was taken at 1o:am . there were all ready as as many customers as the entire show
last year....

to be continued..............................................................................................